Paco Rocha

Arts Plastiques, Gravure, Sculpture

Paco Rocha, born in Mexico City in 1983, has a degree in Graphic Design and Plastic Arts. After working in the best advertising agencies in Mexico, in 2012 he decided to dedicate himself totally to art. Traveling and painting he attracts the attention of different galleries and the Mexican embassy: this is how he began his first international exhibitions. He stands out with more than 20 individual exhibitions in Italy, South Korea, Spain, Czech Republic, State of Mexico, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Laos, Belgium and others. Paco Rocha in 2020 decides to settle in Belgium, takes his residence in Ixelles and together with his wife create “Enò Art Gallery”, an innovative concept where art meets wine tasting.

The Mexican artist Paco Rocha exhibits « Mental Labyrinth » Painting deciphers the labyrinth of my mind, abstracting the deepest emotions that guide the brushstrokes of the unconscious on to the canvas. The exhibition is composed of 15 oil paintings, 6 woodcuts and 4 sculptures.

N° sur le plan: 3

Lieux d’exposition: Eno Art Gallery – Rue de Dublin 42, 1050 Bruxelles

Vendredi – Samedi – Dimanche