The NordiK Government

Plasticiènnes, Peinture, Performance

The NordiK Government is a group of Finnish female artists: Krista Autio, Maya Heiskanen, Ines Laukkanen, Laura Puska, Elina Salminen. The artists work with a variety of mediums from painting to performance, from sculpture to video. As a collective, they bring their artistic practices together and invite their audience to join a dialogue through social events that they organise. All the artists are currently living and working in Belgium.

For this exhibition, the artists of The NordiK Government expose their recent individual artistic researches. The versatile practise come together in one space forming a new collective composition.

N° sur le plan: 1

Lieux d’exposition:  K41 – Rue Keyenveld 41, 1050 Bruxelles

Expose le : Vendredi – Samedi – Dimanche