Ivee Sweet

Ivee Sweet


Ma biographie

Ineke Vera De Soete is the visionary artist behind Ivee Sweet. Born in Kortrijk — Belgium in 1989, Ivee is known for her eclectic and vibrant soul with her own unique and linguistic dreamy lens to perceive the world. During and after finishing her studies in Graphic Design she walked many paths - some sunny and bright, and some rocky and dark - before arriving in early 2020 in Ixelles, Brussels. Feeling at peace in this colourful city made Ivee's dance with her inner flame burn as it has never did before. Channeling this revelation into art has become her safe bridge to connect on a higher level with her inner frequency, for her Self healing process, and for pushing herself forward to open her gifts to guide others.

A propos de mon travail

Ivee embodies the believe of all is solid without a barrier line to express love into contemporary gold frequency vessels to heal and inspire. Devoted to mysticism, ancient art forms, sacred geometry, light language, meditative repetition, and inspired by nature's daily life magicking she has a multi-disciplinary approach in which she poetically interweaves "frequencies of light" to merge the invisible with the visible into a heirloom for an open invitation to feel, hear and [sea] pure authentic love made real. "The eternal spiralling current of mystery between all living beings - human and non-human - is constantly vibrating the seen and unseen on the gold frequency waves. The deeper current of that golden thread runs through the whole universe and interweaves with the interconnectedness of all our beating hearts.

Mes jours de participation

Vendredi 16 septembre de 17h à 21h., Samedi 17 septembre de 15h à 22h., Dimanche 18 septembre de 11h à 18h.

Adresse :
Rue Henri Marichal,1050 Ixelles
Réseau social :


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