My biography

I was born in Wilrijk, Antwerpen in 1957. I have a grandmother and a father who painted. I like to draw, and people say that I draw well. I received an open-air easel around the age of 15 and I produced paintings inspired by Impressionism by painting on the ground. I then paint from imagination, changing the colors of the characters as I see fit. I give them an abstract background. It's not really great but it allows me to go into preparatory school at Saint-Luc Brussels. My father wanted us to first do our classical humanities, Latin-mathematics..."afterwards you can do what you want".. but he thinks about architecture for me. I like painting. I especially like art that is useless... it's a long road.

About my work 

Sculptures made of galvanized hexagonal wire mesh. Around the steel mesh I wrap the colored wires from which the ethernet cables that I recover are made. I fix the endings with beads and different objects. The sculptures are sometimes open sometimes closed. I also integrate tree branches either as a support or simply as elements of contrast. It happens that in addition to this work, I weave inside the hexagons gallons, threads of plastic strips that I recycle in this way.

My participation days

Friday, September 16 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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