Edition of the Ixelles Parcours d’Artistes 2023

Once again the WeArtXL ASBL has the honour of organising the Ixelles Parcours d’Artistes and offering its residents to take part.. This year this will be organised through a public market contest, managed by the Cultural service of the Ixelles council. Thanks to our experience and the trust you have placed in us over the last four years we have won this public market contest.

What’s new this year

This year's edition of the parcours will be held from the Thursday 12th to the Sunday 15th of October 2023, and no longer during the usual September weekend that is also linked to the Cultural days and the car-free Sunday.

- The municipality wishes to focus the Artists' Route around specific geographical areas, which will change each year. For this 2023 edition, it is the geographical area of Universities district which has been chosen to be honored by the Commune. (See plan question n°6)

- However don’t panic if you are outside this area, as every year there will be locations provided for collective exhibits and large ones at that!

We will have the amazing opportunity to organise our main exhibit in The Volta Building, locate Rue Volta; We will do our utmost to bring this to reality!

What isn't changing this year

- If you are located “Out of Bounds”: We invite you to tick the “Collective exhibit” box in the form so we can assign you a location.

Of course if you would rather find a location yourselves, you can find the geographical restrictions we provided in the University area form. For example shops, cultural centres or private areas open to the public. You could also as a member of your family who lives around the Ixelles cemetery if they could host you

- This event is 100% free to take part in, be you artist, participant or a member of the public.

Once the form has been submitted you will be the only ones responsible for the content that is provided to the public.

A single application will be accepted for each artist and once sent the application will no longer be able to be modified.

If, however, you still need to modify information, or cancel your participation, please write to us as soon as possible at info@weartxl.be.

By accepting to register, you agree to the terms and conditions of WeArtxl available on our website https://www.weartxl.brussels

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